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IGN: AustinFRG
by AustinFRG » over 2 years ago

YouTuber Application Information


  • Must have at least 1 hour of playtime. (Type /playtime in-game)
  • Must have at least 2 videos on your channel where you are playing on the AustinFRG Network.
  • Must have never been punished on the AustinFRG Network. (There may be exceptions)
  • Must not ask a staff member to review your application.
  • Must have at least 500 subscribers. (There may be exceptions)
  • Must have at least 50 views on both videos on the AustinFRG Network. (There may be exceptions)



  • Add color to your application.
  • Make your application neat.
  • Put lots of effort into your application.
  • Reread your application at the end and correct grammar mistakes and/or add more detail.
  • Make your application unique.



What is your Minecraft username?


What is your Discord username?


If you have any previous usernames in Minecraft, what are they?


What rank are you on the AustinFRG Network?


What is your timezone?


How much time can you be on the server? Please include as exact times as possible.


What is your best moment(s) on the AustinFRG Network?


Please put the link to your YouTube channel here.


How many subscribers does your channel have?


Anything else we should know?

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